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Creativity is the most important human resource.

Sticky Lab melds arts and business thinking to help you launch a product or service, build your organization, develop your leadership skills, plan for the future, and communicate your vision.

Erika Block is Sticky Lab's principal coach and strategy consultant. She takes a holistic, systems-oriented approach to research and problem-solving with clients, drawing on her experience as a founder and chief executive of three companies - and on the successes and challenges that came with them.

Erika also works with clients to support organizational culture, team and human development, and ensuring that their operations provide both employees and customers with processes and tools  they need to be successful.

Sticky Lab collaborates with a network of partners to support clients with writing and digital media, software, and additional coaching needs.

What sticky problem are you solving?

Advisory Services

  • Private Coaching for entrepreneurs, executives, and community builders.

    • Sometimes you need a sounding board. Sometimes you need to work through a problem or assess an opportunity. Sometimes you need someone to hold you accountable to your own goals. And sometimes you need someone to help you say no.
  • Strategy consulting for product development, customer engagement, and business development.

  • Facilitation that engages participants and ensures your events, panel discussions, and in-house workshops are successful.

What sticky story do you need to tell?


  • Sometimes you need help polishing a presentation or improving your speaking skills.
    • Erika draws on years of directing live theater - combined with her own experience speaking, pitching, and getting people excited about new ideas - to help you tell your story.
How do you build a company that can stick around - and stick to its mission - for the long haul?

Interested in talking?

Are you a leader making difficult decisions right now? Could you use a sounding board as you help your company or your community adapt?

We're experienced with both hybrid and fully remote engagements and can help with the tools you need to make remote work successful for your team and clients.