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Data Mindfulness

Data is one of the most valuable resources of the 21st century. But data also over-hyped, frequently abused, and people are overloaded with so much data that it's hard to extract meaning or value from it. What happens when you meld mindfulness concepts with data management, discovery, sharing, and learning?

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We're inundated with a barrage of information that crowds out original thought. What matters - and even what's true - is obscured by the noise.
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Wisdom in the Age of Information

“We live in a world awash of information, but we seem to face a growing scarcity of wisdom. And what’s worse, we confuse the two.” - Maria Popova, Brain Pickings
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Hallucinations, Reality and How We Learn

"You could say that we’re all hallucinating all the time and when we agree on our hallucinations, that’s what we call reality." - Anil Seth
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Too much food. Not enough food.

“It looked like prairie dogs out there, with all the people standing on top of their trucks, trying to get an eagle-eye view of the line to see how much longer they had to wait.” Brian Billeck
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Let’s Talk About Curation

Curation. Turn the word over in your mind. What do you picture? Is it a museum collection, complete with aged artifacts, visually arresting diorama, and the eager narration of an expert historian? Perhaps it’s a library, books stacked high, the smell of aging ink and paper, and a sage
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Climate Change and Thoreau's Profound Data Preservation

Thoreau noticed a lot. So consistently detailed were his seasonal observations, they are now being used by scientists to assess the progression and consequences of climate change — a remarkable testament to the power and persuasiveness of data rigorously collected and preserved.
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Tim Berners-Lee: I Invented the World Wide Web. Here’s How We Can Fix It.

While the web enables incredible creativity, knowledge sharing, and progress, it also enables a lot of harm. Tim Berners-Lee is leading a global project to protect the web from being abused - and protect our information from being misused.As he writes [