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Stories are More Memorable than Facts

Stories are More Memorable than Facts

So telling a good story is essential for attracting customers, investors, co-founders, and employees. But what if your story is sort of weird and unconventional?

by Erika Block

Brian Hayden recently interviewed me for his Finding Your Venture Podcast. We had a great conversation  about telling - and evolving - an unconventional story as I launched my first tech company.

From Brian's intro:

You’re going to hear a story from Erika Block about how a story that doesn’t make sense at first can evolve to be effective and compelling.

Share Your Idea Early and Often

The potential benefit of talking to people about the problem you’re solving and what you’re working on is enormous. Your biggest competitor at the start is the world’s indifference.

When you talk about your company and ask for help, you’re activating a support network that can help you. And if you’re a decent person then your network is huge and powerful, even if you don’t know it.