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The Sticky List - Newsletters

Stories to stir your creative juices. Unexpected connections. Conversations with instigators. Resources for getting stuff done.

The Sticky List: Hallucinations, Reality and How We Learn
“You could say that we’re all hallucinating all the time and when we agree on our hallucinations, that’s what we call reality.” - Anil Seth
Paper, Scissors, Gut
It feels like we’re doing a lot of cutting and pasting as we rearrange, reshapeand edit the way we live and work. Perhaps that’s why I’ve been drawn to thework of Barbara Wildenboar and Rogan Brown, paper artists who create intricatepieces about nature, science, complexity, and scale - with just …
There’s No Such Thing as “By the Book”
“I am the sum total of each one of the women I have played. That they were able to survive the times, and the way in which they did it, made me a stronger person and allowed me to truly believe that all things are possible.” Cecily Tyson
Too much food. Not enough food.
“It looked like prairie dogs out there, with all the people standing on top of their trucks, trying to get an eagle-eye view of the line to see how much longer they had to wait.” Brian Billeck
What maps do we have to guide us right now?
“There has never been a period in history where the majority of people didn’t look dumb in hindsight.” Morgan Housel
How do we plan when planning seems impossible?
We don’t know what tomorrow will look like - any more than we ever did. So we make imperfect decisions, just as we always have. We move forward with our plans, modifying as we go, just as we always have.