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The Toolbox Toolbox

The Toolbox Toolbox

by Erika Block

This title isn't a typo!

I'm always on the lookout for useful tools and templates that can kickstart problem solving and give structure to rough ideas. The Toolbox Toolbox is the most comprehensive aggregation of tools I've run across.

Whether you're launching a startup, initiating a product design process, exploring ethical practices for using AI, developing a marketing plan, or designing an event, you'll find multiple frameworks to help you think through your new project.

A curated list of the best analogue and digital toolboxes and methods from companies, institutions and thinkers.
Dozens of resources to bring structure to your projects.

While guides and templates won't solve your problem, when you're starting with a blank canvas  they can provide structure. And when you're reviewing existing processes and systems, they can offer a framework for fresh thinking.

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