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Strategy, coaching and storytelling services for leaders, entrepreneurs and community builders.

What sticky problems are you solving? What sticky stories do you need to tell? How do you build a company that will stick around - and stick to its mission - for the long haul?
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Adam Grant on The Surprising Habits of Original Thinkers

I'm a writer and a builder - and frequent procrastinator. Quick to jump in with a sketch or a couple of key ideas, and even a launch. But a lot slower to let things percolate and evolve. And quick to revise, throw stuff out, question why I ever
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My New (used) Book Just Sent Me an Email: Steal This Simple, Powerful Communications Idea

I'm a huge fan of Better World Books [] for its social impact business model. When I don't buy books from a local bookstore, this is my merchant of choice. Their transactional communications demonstrate the power of a good story and a great
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Stories are More Memorable than Facts

So telling a good story is essential for attracting customers, investors, co-founders, and employees. But what if your story is sort of weird and unconventional?
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"The Mind at 3 Miles an Hour"

Where are you walking? And with whom?
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What Is Real? The Neuroscience of Perception

You could say that we're all hallucinating all the time and when we agree on our hallucinations, that's what we call reality. - Anil Seth
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Designing Communications for Action

This is communications design that inspires action. Words and graphics that popped off my LinkedIn feed and got me thinking - and wanting to know more about Juhan Sonin. [] While the policies are consistent with some (but not all) of my own positions,
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The Innovation Journey: A Conversation with Lucie Howell

'If we're going to share these ideas and stories, we need to recognize that it is important to tell the truth. We need to recognize that nuance matters, and the kids are smart enough to understand nuance."
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We're inundated with a barrage of information that crowds out original thought. What matters - and even what's true - is obscured by the noise.
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Wisdom in the Age of Information

“We live in a world awash of information, but we seem to face a growing scarcity of wisdom. And what’s worse, we confuse the two.” - Maria Popova, Brain Pickings
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Getting There: GPS vs. Direct Experience

A few weeks back, I piled into a car with some colleagues for a short drive from Ann Arbor to Detroit to attend a gala celebration of notable Michigan women. We’d given ourselves plenty of time to get there, taking into account we’d be leaving at the height
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Navigating Our Imminent Future: A Conversation With Mike Kuniavsky

"I want to see the positive side of it, and I want to see where we really can give people superpowers—but with the knowledge that significant challenges happen with every single innovation."
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Words Matter

The future is either beaming or bearing down on us (depending on your perspective) much more quickly than anyone had expected.